Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cheat's Pilau

My cheat's pilau is exactly that- cheating your way to making a short version of the spice filled rice but tastes just as yummy and requires hardly any effort at all !

Traditionally in pilau you have several spices, it's often made for big family get togethers and can be quite time consuming, but this recipe really doesn't take up much time and is a definite winner with my girl friends when we're having a get together.

The amounts below will serve 4-6 people and it goes well with practically any curry but really compliments my recipe for saffron chicken

so to make Cheat's Pilau you'll need

5 cups basmati rice
9 cups fresh boiled water
1 large onion
1 tsp cumin seeds
1bay leaf
small piece of cinnamon
1 bay leaf
3 cloves
1 star anise
2 tsp salt

  • start by slicing your onion as finely as you can, then add into a large heavy based pan with some oil and on a high heat you need to cook the onions till they are dark brown. (You will need to stand by the pan to keep your eyes on the onions as you want them quite dark but not burnt.
  • Add in your bay leaf, and cumin seeds. On a medium heat, cook until the cumin seeds have slightly browned, pour in your water then add in your salt, cinnamon paprika & food colouring. 
  • When the gets to boiling point, add in the rice. Boil the rice until almost all the water has absorbed, lower the heat and place a lid on the pan- cover the lid with a tea towel*
  • leave to rest on a low heat for about 20-30 minutes, remove the lid and fluff up with either a fork or gently with a fish slice and serve !

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