Thursday, 13 December 2012

Step by Step Gulab Jamun pictures

As promised below are pictures of how to make your Jamuns :

From the bottom frame working upwards:

• in a bowl I've put the semolina, milk powder and melted butter
• I've then added the milk and the dough has started to come together, the final picture in the first frame is the dough all combined. A good tip at this point is to leave it for about 10 minutes to firm up

•the first picture in the second frame is of the dough shaped into Jamuns .. Told you they look like baby new potatoes !
•next is them in the oil getting slightly golden
• the final picture is of them fried and ready to be soaked in the sugar syrup

• the final frame has the sugar syrup bubbling away first.. For about 10 minutes
• next it's the Jamuns added to the syrup and left to simmer for about 10 minutes
• and the final image is them in the syrup in a dish ready to be served hot or to cool and pop in the fridge to go cold

**From the last picture I hope you can see the syrup is golden in Colour and not clear ..this colour change means that the syrup is at the perfect consistency though you can boil for longer for a thicker syrup**

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