Monday, 17 December 2012

Happy Birthday Emma

Todays post is a blog down memory lane and it's dedicated to my High School friend Emma Stewart Pearce as it's her birthday.You're probably thinking whats a friends birthday got to do with a food blog?

Well one of the things I will be doing with this blog is sharing memories of foods I loved cooking/eating when I was younger. 

Today I'm sharing a childhood tea time recipe that turned into a snack that I loved during my High School days and Emma came to like it so much I'd end up bringing some into school just for her.The timing of this post ties in rather nicely with her birthday so it just had to be dedicated to her .

Being a mum of 5 kids meant my mum was constantly on her feet so when it came to tea time, some days she would want to whip up something quick and easy, but also healthy and tasty. My Brother would happily settle for fried egg with a chappati, but I would struggle with eating any type of egg (and still do) 

so mum being mum added a twist of curry powder to give the good old scrambled egg a bit of a kick. I loved it so much I would take to school sandwiched in bread and so the spicy egg sandwich was born !

so for anyone that's a fan of eggs .. and of course just for you Emma .. Heres how to make your very own :

  • In a bowl crack 3 medium eggs, add 2-3 good pinches of salt, a level teaspoon of curry pwder and a little fresh chopped coriander. Give it a good whisk
  • In a frying pan melt a little butter on a medium heat, pour in the egg mixture and cook just as you would for scrambled eggs
  • Lightly butter 2 slices of bread, and sanwich the egg between the slices and tuck in !

That really is all it takes. It's also a great base for an omlette .. just add in whatver you fancy , my kids will favour it over any any other type of egg for breakfast, they love it on weekends with toast and beans. My personal fave is to add Hp or Worcester sauce in the sandwich for an extra kick.... So how do you like your eggs in the morning ?!


  1. How lovely that you would take it for school for your friend. My childhood memory of eggs is my Grandma's eggy bread. Bread soaked in egg with a dash of milk salt and pepper, fried in butter. We would sit next to the little gas fire in here back kitchen devouring this heavenly plate of food with a big glass of milk. Really enjoying your blog. x

  2. Thank you ! I loved eggy bread too .. Having a sweet tooth meant my mum would do a version with sugar in it !

  3. Ooooo for me it's good old scrambled egg all the way - on toast, with smoked salmon if I am feeling a tad opulent!

    I always add a small handful of cheese to scrambled eggs as it seems to stop the egg sticking to the pan!

    1. Scrambled eggs & salmon are my Husband's favourite !! I quite like smoked salmon on a bagel topped with cream cheese =D