Thursday, 13 December 2012

I can't bend it like Beckham

So there I was on Twitter a couple of nights ago,  and actress Parminder Nagra tweets about craving Gulab Jamuns, being a fan of hers since Bend it like Beckham ,rather casually I replied that I love making them from scratch ... and she replies by asking for the recipe !!

The reply resulted in retweeting hysteria and it being passed from one tweeter to another , it's just been retweeted as I'm typing ! So what better way to start my food blog than with the recipe that caused my time line to go crazy ?!


Gulab Jamuns are a dessert, served in a sugar syrup and can be eaten hot or cold . Served hot they are delicious with a good scoop of vanilla ice cream or if serving them cold you cant beat a bit of clotted cream with them


Sugar syrup :

2 Cups of  Sugar
3 Cups of  Cold Water
a few drops of rose water


550g  Milk Powder

140g Plain Flour

1 tbsp Semolina 

1 tbsp Sugar
½ Ground Cardamoms

¾ pint of slightly warm Milk

1/2 tsp baking powder 


  • Start by sieving  the dry ingredients, and slowly add the milk, kneading together until you have a soft dough
  •  Take small amounts of a bit of dough and make into small round balls - i make mine just a little bigger than baby new potatoes 
  • In a fryer or in a deep heavy based pan, deep fry the small round balls on a very low heat, until they are golden brown in colour and drain on kitchen paper to remove any excess oil
  • Leave the Jamuns to cool while you make the syrup.
  • For the syrup- place the ingredients into a saucepan, (except the rose water) and bring to boil on a high heat and leave to simmer continuously for 15mins.
  • Finally add the cooled Gulab Jamun. Simmer on a medium heat for about 5 mins, then remove from the heat. Once cooled add in the rose water.

Jamuns can be served hot or cold. They are delicious hot with Vanilla ice cream, to re heat the Jamuns, leave them in the pan in their syrup and simmer on a low heat till the syrup comes to boiling point and they should be hot and ready to serve

 " What family will want a daughter in law that can run around kicking a football all day but can't make round chappati's ''


  1. Looking forward to trying these out - I've never made gulab jamun at home before!