Sunday, 10 June 2018

Virgin Mojito

I love mocktails & my all time favourite has to be the mojito. I cannot actually belive I've never attempted to make it at home until yesterday, it was such a hit that even the husband asked for seconds so i thought it had to go up on the blog

To make virgin mojito's for 6 people  you will need:

° 7up/Sprite ( I used a 2 litre bottle ).
° A good handful of fresh mint  per person .. roughly ripped up -  ( I bought 2 of the pre cut packs of mint you can get from most superstores )
° lime cordial ( I bought mine from asda next to all the dilute fruit juices)
° Ice cubes
° 1 lime per person cut into quarters

• To start if you have a pestle and mortar, lightly crush the mint leaves to release their flavour & scent. Divide equally between the 6 glasses

• Add in lime quarters into each glass, squeezing each quarter just before adding them to the glass to release their juice

• Pour in enough lime cordial into each glass  just as you would if you were making up a regular dilute squash and leave for a minimum of 5- 10 mins for the flavours to develop - I did this 20 minutes before serving and left the leaves to steep in the cordial

• When you're ready to serve, add a couple of ice cubes into each glass and top up with the 7up - give it a stir, ( I used a spoon to squash the limes a little more just before I added the 7 up ) And your mojito is ready to drink

Alternatively to make a large serving, you can add the mint, cordial & the lime to a jug & top up the jug with 7up/Sprite and serve straight fron the jug

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