Friday, 11 July 2014

A nomination for a Liebster Award

Hi all,

How are we doing ? As some of you may or may not know it's Ramadan and we are almost half way through the 30 days - it will be Eid before we know it !

I have to apologise as again this blog is getting neglected due to house- wife & motherly duties and my new cake baking venture. As neglected as it's been, the lovely Hazel Duke at The Little Welsh House has nominated me for a Liebster award.

The nomination is about answering questions by the blogger that has nominated you, putting forward your own set of questions for the bloggers that you nominate and basically spreading the love between bloggers

Here's Hazel's questions from her post with my answers

What is your favourite animal or bird and why
It would have to be a toss between cats & dolphins. I've loved cats since I can remember and had a soft spot for them. I love Dolphins as they seem so free and elegant in the water and are so intelligent

Who outside your family has inspired you the most
I would say my close knit group of friends that I have, some of which I've known since my early teens. They inspire me as they all have their own individual journeys with highs & lows and how each one of them persevere through it all with a smile on their face

What is the one thing you have always wanted to do but never quite dared to
I would love to at some point in my life go on a Kenyan safari, this is mostly likely not happened yet due to the issue of money, so it's not so much about not daring to do it

If you could travel to any era past or future, when would it be
I would probably travel to the years in which my parents were growing up - the 40's & 50's to be a fly on the wall and see their childhood and what Pakistan was like back them

What is you favourite skill or hobby
This is easy - anything to do with cooking or baking, I'm at my happiest when I'm in the kitchen feeding people 

What song or piece of music really moves you (or your feet )
I would have to say any song by the late great Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson. I grew up listening to their stuff and love it even now

Which woman from history would you love to meet
There are too many to chose from but off the top of my head I would say Rosa Parks - An African American civil rights campaigner who defied an order of giving up her seat on a bus to a white person at the time of the apartheid 

5 blogs that I would like you to check out are:

The Boys Behaviour - a blog of an adoptive mum sharing her experiences of her journey with her son

Skint Dad  - an award winning blogger sharing brilliant thrifty tips for your home & family

The Puffin Diaries  Another blog of an adoptive mum & her journey with her 2 boys

My crazy mad world  One of my High School bestie's that blogs about food, crocheting
& things that make her smile

Red velvet baking a must for all that love cake and all things to do with baking

And my 5 questions for the bloggers I've nominated are :

If you could invite 4 guests for dinner (dead or alive) who would they be and why ?

What would be your dream career if you aren't in it already ?

If you could choose to live someone else's life for a day, who would it be ?

What foods would make up your all time favourite 3 course meal ?

Where would be your dream destination to live  ?

Get spreading the love guys x x x

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  1. Great post hun! Thanks for sharing! We definitely share that love of Whitney's music - and Rosa Parks, what an amazing, inspirational woman - great choice. As for the Kenyan safari, really hope your dreams come true there :) xxx